The promises you make to your car are ones that you will thank yourself for later. As you turn your calendars from 2016 to 2017, be sure to consider new behaviors that will save money, increase the resale value of your vehicle, and keep you safer on the road. We’ve put together our top seven automobile resolutions to drive you into the New Year.

1.      Check for Damage before Leaving the Parking Lot. “This is important because it allows drivers to know when and where damage may have occurred,” Chris Bevil, Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador and Service Advisor at Porsche of Chattanooga, said. Knowing this may make reporting the damage easier for insurance purposes.

2.      Purchase a window deflector screen, and use it. In addition to keeping the temperature to a tolerable level in the summer, deflector screens also protect your car’s interior from the sun’s damaging effects. Parking in the shade and applying a UV protectant will also help to prevent your car’s interior plastic and vinyl from drying out.

3.      Avoid Eating and Drinking in Your Vehicle. Although, you may think one soda or candy bar won’t hurt, over time the “exception” can take a toll on the interior of your vehicle. Even if your car is running perfectly, its resale value will be reduced if the interior is sticky and stained.

4.      Take Time to Prepare Before Heading Out in Uncommon Conditions. Understand your vehicle and know what are and are not safe conditions to take your car out in. Furthermore, Bevil suggests taking time to practice driving in the snow on flat, open areas. “Learn the difference of over- and under-steering,” Bevil said. “Not very many people know how to drive in the snow, and the ‘practicing’ becomes very expensive.”

5.      Park Away from other Vehicles: Your chances of getting dinged drastically drop if there is no one parked near you. Parking near the perimeter of the lot is your best bet. Even if a car later parks beside you, it is likely another driver who is protective of their car and will still leave your odds of getting dinged low. Plus, the extra steps won’t hurt your fitness resolutions.  

6.      Follow Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule. Keeping your car in good mechanical condition is crucial when it comes to resale value. Furthermore, Bevil suggests planning ahead to make sure being prompt when it comes to vehicle maintenance is easy. “I suggest buying a brand of vehicle that has a dealership nearby,” Bevil said. “You don’t want to have to drive an hour to get to the nearest one.”

7.      Keep Your Phone Out of Reach: Your chances of getting in an accident increase four times if you are using your cell phone while driving. Even if you understand the dangers of looking at your cell phone while driving, having it in arm’s reach can still be tempting. We suggest, putting it away all together—in the backseat, in a bag, anything to keep you from grabbing it while you’re on the road. Set up your vehicle’s Bluetooth configuration in case of emergency calls.

Written by Sarah Turner, Sales Coordinator Land Rover Chattanooga | December 28, 2016

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